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NZ Election 2017: Housing Policies

September 19, 2017

Property News

Labour Establish the Aordable Housing Authority, an independent Crown entity with a fast-tracked planning process, tasked with leading large-scale housing developments and cutting through red tape. Use the Aordable Housing Authority to drive the delivery of the 100,000 aordable homes planned under the KiwiBuild programme. Undertake greenfields and revitalisation projects through the Aordable Housing Authority […]

How to achieve a cosy feel to your home...

August 16, 2017


There is a definite shift in mood during winter. The vibe is all about intimate and cosy spaces and we crave warmth as well as rich, soft textures. One way to describe the feeling is moody. Not in a downtrodden way, but rather in a sophisticated and evocative sense. Colours are richer, textures more luxurious, […]

Auckland Heritage

June 1, 2017


The poor clay soils in Albany were suitable for fruit growing, and this very quickly became an important local industry. Albany became associated with farming innovations and new fruit varieties, such as the famous Albany Beauty apple and Albany Surprise grape varieties. It was home to an experimental farm established by central government in the […]

Achieving a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

April 26, 2017


Say goodbye to toiletries lining the bath edge, overcrowded vanities, and clothes ‘hung’ on the floor with these great ideas that will turn your bathroom into a beautifully functional and clutter-free space. Smart Storage Your bathroom should be a clean, calm and uncluttered space. It is the place where you prepare yourself for the day […]

Freshen Up Your Home...

February 15, 2017


Whether you have been craving a new look or just simply want to refresh a room, you live in a house that you own or a small rented apartment, we have a few, low-cost ideas that will instantly help you fall in love with you surroundings…    A natural woven basket used for storage can bring a […]

Mortgage rates fall below 5 per cent

July 7, 2015


The sub-5 per cent mortgage rate is back on offer with three major banks dropping their fixed term rates in the last week. BNZ became the latest bank to cut its two year fixed term rate to 4.99 per cent yesterday following on the back of Kiwibank and ASB’s special offers. Mortgage broker Bruce Patten […]

Carpark-sized pad in central city sells for $104,000

July 7, 2015


It’s 7.9sq m inside, has no kitchen, sink or toilet and fits little more than a single bed – but a buyer has just paid $104,000 for the shoebox living space. The pint-size one-bedroom central Auckland abode – which has an official floor area of 9sq m – is smaller than most car parks and […]

Auckland's property market up

July 7, 2015

NZ Housing

Auckland’s red-hot housing market has propelled New Zealand to almost top a new Asia-Pacific house price index. Only the tightly constrained Hong Kong, with its “crazy” apartment prices, out-ranked New Zealand in terms of percentage changes for the last year and last quarter, the chart shows. Global property consultancy Knight Frank released the data which […]